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Traditionally, many ?serious? Christians have not been too interested in politics. We have had the likes of Pastor Chris Okotie and Pastor Tunde Bakare in recent times playing prominent roles in the political process. However, they were mostly ?on their own? as the mass of believers largely saw them as unserious and concluded that their political forages would not be effective.

However, it appears that the atmosphere is about to change with the increasing awareness of Edmund Burke?s famous quote that ?All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.? ?CommunionAffairs received some leaflets over the weekend by a new group interested in rousing Nigeria?s ?Moral Majority? to take more active interest in the political process of the country. The aims and objectives of the group include:

  1. Enlighten the entire Body of Christ on the urgent need to be politically awake.

  2. Educate the Body of Christ on the truth that the ?political harvest? in Nigeria is ripe, but ?political laborers? are very few.

  3. Engineer the process to facilitate the lessons in Gen. 11:1-6, Eccl.4:9 and Ps. 133:1-3.

  4. Engage the Body of Christ ? especially teenagers, the youth and young adults, in socio-economic and political discourse, in very analytical and scriptural ways, in order to become politically active and involved.

  5. Encourage the Body of Christ to participate fully in all electoral activities that take place in the country, by ensuring that they participate in their Ward activities, are duly registered by INEC, for all elections, and that their Votes count, hence should not be sold for whatever amount.

  6. Encourage the Body of Christ to pray and thank God for Nigeria.

  7. Encourage the Body of Christ to support all brethren aspiring to take up political positions, especially all those acknowledged as genuine CO-LABORERS of the LORD.

  8. Employ biblical principles, to serve as bridge-heads, on which non-Christians can cross over into the Body of Christ, in very unobtrusive ways, to the glory of God.

The Political State of the Nation.

In the group?s opinion,

“if we leave the government of our nation in the hands of people who lacks the fear of God, we are all bound to pay dearly for it. Some believers tell you they are not interested in politics. They do not care who rules over them. Yet, they complain of excessive taxation, bribery and corruption and misrule of such rulers??.This is not only very true, but very, very sad and discouraging. It is also against the mandate given to us by God Himself in Gen. 1:27-28. We are also referred to as ?? the salt of the earth and the light of the world??, in Matt.5:13 & 14; and instructed in verse 16, that we must let our light so shine before men, so that they may see our good works, and give glory to our Father who is in heaven. Alas, politically, this is not so today.?

What baffles us is how or why Christians, especially Pentecostals are so ambivalent about politics and even refer to it as dirty or demonic, hence a no-go area.?

Politics Defined?

Quoting Wikipedia?s definition of politics as ???the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level?or achieving and exercising positions of governance ? that is, organized control over a human community?? ?and ?Harold Lasswell’s? ?politics is defined as who gets what,when, why and how

?, the group wondered,

?How then did politics become a ?dirty game?, as we have been made to believe? When did politics become so leprous, so devilish, that born again Christians are forbidden to participate in it? When a wise man refuses to occupy a position of leadership and allows a fool to do so, the wise man has paved the way for the fool to enact laws, which the wise man, whether he likes it or not, must obey, thereby making the wise man a very great fool? ? (Yoruba proverb).?

Who are this People?

The group is described as comprising young, forward-looking, proactive men and women who under the leading of the Holy Spirit and prayerful dependence on God look forward to becoming solution-providers in this political dispensation manifesting in Nigeria.

?As children, we have a strong feeling that God is calling us to assist in the sensitization of the Body of Christ, in order to eliminate the lack of interest in political matters, by many Christians, starting with the Youth and young Adults. So we are looking up to God for the wisdom which we can effectively proffer solutions to problems and unpleasant situations or experiences, in which we presently find ourselves in this great nation ? Nigeria.?

The group?s utmost desire and prayer is ?that sooner than later, ??the government shall be upon HIS SHOULDERS??( Isaiah 9:6).

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