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By Ajiboye Sunday

“I deal in iron rods and haulaging. On February 17[2014], my trailer loaded iron rods worth N4 million naira for a customer in Ibadan. In the middle of the night, armed robbers stole the trailer with the iron rods on it, both valued at N8 million.

I was informed around 07.00 am. So, I jumped out of bed, called my wife and we embarked on aggressive praise and worship exercise. Lo and behold, that same day the trailer was found on the outskirts of Ilorin, where the trailer broke down. Before we got there, the contents of the trailer had been stolen.

So I told my wife and we changed our gear in the praise and worship exercise. Afterwards, we informed the policemen around the Ogbomoso area of Ilorin about the situation.

Three days later, the iron rods were found in a bush on the outskirts of Ogbomosho, intact – not a single one was missing. Also, some of the armed robbers were arrested. Praise the Lord.”

Culled from? “Signs and Wonders Today”, a weekly publication by Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota. March 8, 2014 edition. Originally captioned “Divine Intervention via Praise!”