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I’m not familiar with the song DoroBucci, but I got this broadcast (unedited) on Whatsapp yesterday:

Is the DORO song Demonic?   Read this write up and share ur views
DORO song. Listen to the song very attentively and confirm it yourself.
So many people are been blinded by the tones and sounds of music, nobody 
ever bordered to know the meaning and the words, everybody is
busy singing and attaching doro to even their names, but the big question
is WHAT IS DORO? Have you taken your time to listen to this doro song? 
I have and I will tell you what is doro by what the singer sang in the song,
it’s a gathering of all the doro worshipers, their she god, each of
them praising and explaining how BIG, HIGH and BLOODY she is, now 
let's fellow the song lyrics, the first singer started by praising, DORO~Boss,
Big, Heavy, Doro~bloody, Doro gather pass everybody for the gathering, Doro get
money pass everybody here, {meaning that the Doro is richer than all of them singing}.
Now for people who say doro is money, from these last words, do you think they are
referring to money? I am only picking my points from all the singers. So let's
go to the Second line of the lyrics. Another praise to their she lord, 
Doro fresh, flashy, fine pass everybody wey doro sing, {meaning that Doro is more
pretty then all the singers}. Think!!!
The third line started with praise again, Doro na DIVA,{diva means a queen, female
celebrity, god}. Doro the leader{meaning doro is a leader as in their leader}. 
Doro is bigger, Doro is higher so follow the leader, Doro get liver 
she no dey tire,{meaning that they are referring to she not money not fine}.
Now the forth singer said Doro bad, make nobody try Doro, Doro we get
money but lastly she said make nobody join Dorobucci ooo, the 5th
now explain the personality of their god DORO is a kind of boss, a cheerful
giver, doro get pass everybody wey don get before, doro fly pass
everybody wey dey this plane, now from all this what is doro? they have
made their point in the song every other words they added was to confuse us 
the listeners, they now use it as slang to everything they say because they 
have sold their soul to it and they belong to it, so that is why you hear 
doro don jazzy cos all are members, just the way Christians call themselves,  
children of God, Pick your phone please and play the song and listen 
carefully becuse we are at the end time. Pls send to people you love

Now that got me curious. I looked around and saw that this has been the subject of discussions for a while, and indeed has attracted the attention of the originator, Don Jazzy, who dismissed the insinuation with a tweet (reported by

“ol..ok, some very sad people have been sending this around. Eyaa pele. It’s things like this that make me so sure that all that illuminati crap about some yankee artistes is just BS. Lol.oh well #mavin#.”

Ok. However, concerned individuals are still asking, “who is Doro”?, while people who understand the language say that “Doro Bu Chi” in Igbo language literally means “Doro is god”. Now that people have begun to append “Doro” to their names, they possibly need to think deeper: Who is Doro?

Fans have reacted to strident calls online that Don Jazzy should explain who is Doro by asking in return for the meaning of “alingo, koko, azonto, yagaaaa, skelewu, and many other meaningless slang use in the Nigeria music industry”.

Good to know that these terms are meaningless. As Christians, we are admonished to abstain from every appearance of evil. “How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying ”  1 cor 14:26.
We must not be part of the Skelewu or DoroNonsense !