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[Premium Times]

The National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor, has appealed to political office holders in Nigeria to desist from overheating the polity so as to achieve peaceful coexistence and national development for the benefit of humanity.

The CAN President, Mr. Oritsejafor, made the plea on Tuesday at the Assemblies Of God Church in Jos, Plateau State, as he toured the six geopolitical zones of the country to urge Christians and leaders to pray harder for harmonious co-existence of Nigerians irrespective of religious and (geo)political difference.

?I urge the church to pray for Nigeria. Let?s raise the standard for this country. The Church needs to remain one so that its prayer can be effective,? Mr. Oritsejafor said.

The CAN President attributed most predicaments and challenges in Nigeria to absence of the fear of God,

?The problem with Nigeria is that, we don?t fear God?.you can?t take another man?s life if you fear God,? he said.

He decried the level of corruption in Nigeria, and touched on various levels of decadence in the country.

?There is money you mustn?t touch. How do you seize a pensioner?s money and be able to go home and sleep. Some people are dying of malaria, in childbirth and people are jetting abroad to check for headache,? he said.

The cleric urged Nigerians not to be discouraged in spite of terrorist attacks and political troubles facing the country.

?Don?t be discouraged? don?t judge. God has ability to perform what no one can expect? God who brings water out of rock is still alive, and can heal Nigeria of its problems,? he said.

On the section 29 (4b) of the constitution which pegs females who are married to be adults regardless of their age and the ongoing child marriage debate that has generated a furore across the country, Mr. Oritsejafor said that CAN was not in support of the clause as voted by some senators .

?CAN is totally against child marriage, it must be reversed,? said the cleric.

The CAN president, while speaking with journalists shortly after the church service, expressed worry over unabated attacks on innocent Nigerians by suspected Boko-Haram terrorist.

?When I see what happens to the Church, especially in the North, I?m troubled,? he said.

He, however, commended the efforts of Nigerian security officials for restoring relative peace in some part of the country.

Mr. Oritsejafor paid a courtesy visit on the Governor of Plateau State, Jonah Jang. And despite the increasing waves of attacks in Jos, the CAN administrator said Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State had done well as regard calming the storm in his troubled Plateau State.

?Governor Jonah Jang has done well. May God continue to be with him so that he can keep uniting this state,? he said.

The cleric also sympathized with residents of Plateau State for the series of civil unrest that bedevils the state leading to death of thousands in the past few years.