segun_alabiNow that we have a new government in place, we as Nigerians should cooperate with the new government in every way possible to bring about the much desired and awaited change.
With every sense of Divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit, I see the new government mounting up with wings as an eagle. I see God doing the impossible for the government to achieve the incredible. I see God favoring our dear nation with both foreign and strange kindness; foreigners and strangers falling upon one another to favor Nigeria.
Our new president, Mohammadu Buhari is likened to two exceptional biblical characters: Moses,  and King Cyrus.

On the one hand, Moses was used mightily by God to DELIVER the children of Israel from slavery and USHERED them into the promised land. You would recall that he had two shots at this; the first time, he did it forcefully (Buhari’s Military regime) while the second, he was commissioned by God (Buhari’s democratic tenure). Also, Buhari will deal with the corruption of the system and sponsors that brought him to power just as Moses dealt with the Egyptian system that groomed him for leadership.

On the other hand, King Cyrus, though not an Israelite (Christian), was used mightily by God to restore the captivity of God’s people, to the point that God referred to him as “My Anointed”

I see President Buhari as a fore-runner whose divine assignment to the nation is to build a solid foundation for the prosperity of Nigeria. One important fact that Nigerians should know is that Nigeria is a divine project that cannot lack provision and attention.

Below are the words of prophecy regarding the plans of God for our dear nation, Nigeria:
Thus says the Lord God Almighty, I have heard the cry of the people of Nigeria, and I will come down to help them.
I will do a new thing in Nigeria and the ears of them that hear it shall tingle as I have always done in the past.
I will wrest and deliver Nigeria from the hands of the few wicked people that control it.
I will restore Nigeria in 10 years and its glory shall be seen by all, all over the world.
The new government of Nigeria shall mount up with wings as eagles, they will walk and not fall, they will run and not faint.
The lame economy shall once leap again for the joy of Nigerians
For I will arise and have mercy upon Nigeria, for the time to favour her, yea, the set time has come. Because of the few righteous ones that I have found in Nigeria, I have decided to keep this nation afloat and it shall not drown.
I have not spoken in the dark , I have spoken this in the open, I have spoken this with every event that led to the emergence of this new dawn.
Yet will I speak again in the open, every impossible task shall be accomplished almost effortlessly, my zeal shall accomplish them.
Every one that doubts this shall not partake in it. My hands have laid the foundation of this new dawn and my hands shall complete it, says the Lord of hosts.
Who art thou saboteurs before me, thou shall become history.
Foreigners and strangers shall serve this country Nigeria, they shall fall upon one another to favour her, yea Nigeria shall be the delight of all nations on earth.
Henceforth, Nigeria shall be known for what it actually means. The green shall be green indeed and the white shall be white indeed.
Every effort of government shall yield results and increase; there shall be no more wastage because I have commanded the waster to cease its operations in Nigeria.
I, the Lord have spoken this and will perform it. Amen.

You can follow Segun Alabi on @segunscorner.  He is a young, dynamic Pastor and Teacher of the Gospel. He pastors with the Living Power Church (Christ Redemption Ministry International)Lagos Branch. He is passionate about delivering the mind of God to this generation, in order for God’s children to enter His rest. 

He is also an astute Corporate Affairs professional. Segun holds a B.A in English (Second Class Upper Division) from the University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria and a Master’s degree in English: Language Use and Communication from the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria and He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree (Ph.D) from the same University.