Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

I do not know if Reno Omokri is a Pastor or not. However, the Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, and described as “Lover of God and His Son, Yeshu’a” on his twitter page, shared some wonderful prayer points on the social platform.

The prayer points are worthy of adoption by all lovers of peace and democracy, no matter what side of the political divide they belong. It is in this belief that we commend the prayer points to God’s people, to be prayed in truth and in deed,  as we prepare for the general elections:


  1. On February 14th, may our votes count and may they be counted no matter what the results will be. Retweet to say amen.

  2. On February 14, may the children of the poor not be sacrificed because anybody lost election. Retweet to say amen!

  3. We pray that youths will not die for elders and elders will not incite youths to violence. Retweet to say amen!

  4. On Feb 14, may those planning to use “charms & native powers” be overpowered by the Power of God. Retweet to say amen!

  5. In 2015, may power come from God, not by force, not by rigging and not by cloning. Retweet to say amen!

  6. May there be no rigging, roasting, soaking in blood, or parallel govt in Nigeria now and forever! Retweet to say amen!

  7. May those who don’t have Nigeria’s interest at heart gather to scatter. May peace reign on Feb 14. Retweet to say amen!

  8. May God destroy plans of those planning to rig election & those planning bloodshed after election. Retweet to say amen!

Now I ask also, that you share this with your friends to say: Amen!