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Hon. James David Manning Pastor at ATLAH World Missionary Church

“Elizabeth taught in a sermon yesterday that Sarah, the wife of Abraham was declared by The Everlasting Father ( Isaiah 9:6) as The Mother Of Nations. Gen. 17:16

I have prophesied that this Mother’s day, 11 May 2013 is the last Biblical ordained Mother’s day. The reason being that most Americans and many churches have accepted same sex marriage as a good and a normal thing. Next year you will see thousands of men declaring themselves Mothers of children in same sex marriages in every state in America. Those who oppose this wickedness will be outcast by their families, the media, and Obama worshipers as haters.

This acceptance of abomination will not be overturned until Jesus returns. In the name of Jesus please stand on God’s Word even if you are outcast by your families and those who have embraced this unprecedented evil. Please be reminded that you are to be a light in this incredible darkness and that Jesus is still on the throne. (Mt. 5:16) Where will you stand in this extremely evil time? I appeal to you to stand with Jesus if you have to stand alone. But,” Stand therefore, having your lions girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;” (Eph. 6:14)”

Culled from theMinistry’s facebook page.