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I was flipping through different channels on the TV yesterday night (21 September 2013) as I was wont to do when I happened on Pastor Kumuyi preaching on LTV. It was an unusual happenstance for me, so I decided to stop and listen. I discovered it was one of their regular programmes, ??Face to Face Encounter with the God of Miracles?, ?and the Pastor was leading prayers, repeating over and over, that ?the power of God is here!?.? As he was making the altar call for salvation, which he said was the most important miracle, he kept affirming that after the altar call,? ?miracles will happen, blind eyes will see, if one of your legs is shorter, it will be corrected?? and many such affirmations.

I waited until after the prayers and then for the testimony period. Two or three testimonies stood out. The first was a woman who stepped out with her teenage son, bearing the crutches formerly used by the boy. She gave her name, her son?s name is Oluwatomisin, she works at LUTH, and she has travelled to India four times for corrective surgery, yet, the boy could not walk. And it had been like that with him since two years of age. ?Then her boss advised her to bring the boy to the Deeper Life programme, assuring her that God would heal the boy. And it was her first time in the place. The boy walked to the altar yesterday night, bearing his crutches.

Then there was a Mrs Oluyinka Adebayo from Shogunle in Oshodi, Lagos, whose little child was ill and coughing with excruciating pain. She took him to Gbagada General Hospital, where the Doctors recommended a chest X-ray. The diagnosis: a nail was embedded somewhere in the young child?s chest. They were referred to LASUTH for surgery. LASUTH had given a date for the surgery, but then they kept praying. They were at previous month?s edition of the programme. The Pastor asked participants to pair up and pray for each other. She shared the child?s problem with an elderly woman who was her prayer partner that night. After the programme, she was about getting discouraged and she heard God speak in her spirit saying ?You will not find it pleasant if this child begins to poo here. Wait until you get home.? ?She got home, and indeed the child began to poo. Lo and behold, the nail was in the poo!

Then there was a Sister Caroline from Edo State, whose daughter was suffering from fainting spells.? She had been to several hospitals, undergone several tests and scans without any definite diagnoses. Eventually, at University of Benin Teaching Hospital, a 5-year drug regime was prescribed and they have started the course, though the fainting spells barely. Then the daughter, after one month decided to discontinue the treatment regime, opting to trust God for a healing and donated the money intended for yet another scan as an offering in Church! ?They eventually found their way to Pastor Kumuyi?s residence in Lagos. Dramatically enough, the lady was carried to the place unconscious as the fainting spell took hold of her on the way. A few moments of interaction with the Pastor, the young girl blinked, opened her eyes and was declared free by the Man of God. That was the last incident!

As I watched these people recount their experiences, one thing became clear to me ? these people have been genuinely touched. These were real people, in real places, with real neighbours, who had been medically diagnosed and then God stepped in. These are people who can go back to their communities and people can see and witness like in Act 4:16 ?that indeed a notable miracle hath been done by them is manifest to all them that dwell in Jerusalem; and we cannot deny it.? ?These are the kinds of miracles we saw in the New Testament. This is especially refreshing in an age where it appears everything is stage managed and testifiers are hired for the show.

And this underlines one reason why the periodic heavy traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Idi-Iroko Road, ?Ikotun or such other places ?is not about to reduce. ?Outsiders? see the traffic and the suffering and wonder why folks would subject themselves to the stress of gathering every month to hear a man speak.? There are a lot of hurting people in this world, people for who medical science has no relief. People, who have discovered after many trials, that their problem cannot be solved by money. ?People like the woman with an issue of blood (Mar 5:26), who ?had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.? For such people, no sacrifice is too much.

Now I do not attend Deeper Life Bible Church. This is just my impression about what I saw, and it is my prayer that we see many more of such, so that the Lord?s Name may be glorified the more. Have you been the beneficiary of an undeniable intervention of God? Share your testimony!