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Andrae Crouch, pioneer gospel artiste, and author of popular songs like “Jesus is the Answer”, “Through it All”, “Soon and very soon” and “I don’t know why” has gone to glory.

Celebrities and Christians alike have been pouring out tributes to gospel legend Andrae Crouch, 72, who died Thursday.

Crouch died in hospital from complications related to a heart attack he suffered last week. In an article for Christianity Today, Robert Darden, an associate professor of journalism, public relations and new media at Baylor University, wrote a tribute on the performer, songwriter and choir director.

“Crouch was an innovator, a path-finder, a precursor in an industry noted for its conservative, often derivative approach to popular music,” Darden wrote. “He combined gospel and rock, flavored it with jazz and calypso as the mood struck him and the song called for it, and is even one of the founders of what is now called ‘praise and worship’ music. He took risks with his art and was very, very funky when he wanted to be.”