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The report below, from the Daily Trust alleges that Western interests are funding a programme to establish a  pro-gay lobby in Nigeria and laments that religious leaders appear unconcerned about the trend. A stitch in time saves nine, they say. Believers in the US are now having to shut down businesses or pay heavy fines simply for refusing to be part of the gay culture. The time to protect your freedom is now! Please read:

The Human Right Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA)has raised alarm over what it called the infiltration of Nigerian Civil Society by some  American group to mount a concerted campaign against government  to repeal the anti gay law in the country.
Speaking  to our reporter at the weekend,  its National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko,  said HURIWA has  been approached severally  to accept  a monetary offer  to join the pro gay campaign targeted at Nigeria.  “In recent time, within this week,  they made contacts with us. They gave us the assurance that there is a funding package if we agree to sign on to a well coordinated campaign for the Nigerian government to repeal the extant anti same sex marriage Act passed and signed into law by the immediate past administration of former president Goodluck Jonathan,” Onwubiko said.
He continued that there was a global campaign that specifically targeted Nigeria.  He said “The plot is beginning to manifest . The methodology employed by the campaigners for what they called the LGBT right for Lesbians, Bisexuals and Homosexuals came like the western missionaries. But unfortunately many Nigerians are not aware of this.”
Onwubiko, who is a former Federal Commissioner of the Nigerian National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), added that a meeting was called where they made monetary proposal to HURIWA.  He stated that “Their approach took us by surprise. I was there when some proposals involving a huge sum of money were made. They are willing to wave off some conditions for accessing the funds for us to join the campaign to undermine Nigerian understanding of gay marriage as a new western culture that we must accept. They are willing to give  us as much as 15,000 dollars to embark on a campaign to pressure Nigerian government to repeal the law that prohibits same sex relationship”
He said HURIWA  was raising the alarm so that Nigerians should be aware of  the well structured campaign on ground by the pro gay campaigners. “Our President will be meeting with the US president soon, it is possible that Obama will ask him to abrogate the law against gay marriage in Nigeria, ” he said.
The National Coordinator of HURIWA said he had approached some respected church leaders in the country but it appears  this  was not  a major problem for them. “What we are doing should have come from the religious leaders and traditional institutions because the attack is fundamentally targeted at weakening our traditional understanding of marriage and to make Nigeria become excessively lose and reckless in terms of sexuality and other things that has to do with man and woman relationship. This is a very serious moral question which we must tackle,” he said